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"This is one of the greatest finds in agricultural history."
In todays world Texas Mulch will be able to excel due to the all natural and organic properties found in our product. 

Our Team

Charles L. Wood – President & Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Wood has been a lifelong entrepreneur and land manager. He started his early days getting to know the land of West Texas from working on number of large ranches handling every job that it took to have a successful ranch (This is where his knowledge of Mesquite and Cedar first came about). His entrepreneur days soon followed as he became the owner and operator of a number of gas stations and restaurants in West Texas. These opportunities combined with his early cowboys days gave Mr. Wood his strong work ethic as well as his ability to do business in the fair and honest manner for which he is still commended. Mr. Wood then went on to own and operate several car dealerships in West Texas, two of these dealerships were Southtown Motors and Big Country Motors. While running these dealerships Mr. Wood was also responsible for starting up and running Wood Construction Management a construction company in the West Texas area. It was through these endeavors that Mr. Wood learned the skills of finance, economics, and overall business nature of West Texas. He took this set of skills and started Mesquite Country Inc. in 1984. Mesquite Country Inc. became a publicly traded company that Mr. Wood founded. Mesquite Country Inc. sold mesquite wood products for the culinary industry throughout the United States and International markets. Mesquite Country Inc. had a net worth of $4,500,000 and would harvest up to 96 tons of Mesquite a day. Then Mr. Wood took his knowledge from his business and auto dealership experience and began Gimmeabid.com. This company specialized in an online wholesale marketplace for autos which included a reverse auction for shipping. Mr. Wood also partnered with various warranty companies to provide a means of mitigating dealers risk from online trading in automobiles. Mr. Wood later went on to found and launch Mesquite Fuels & Agriculture, Inc. which was an alternative energy business that was successfully capitalized with approximately $8 million of capital. Mr. Wood sold his stake in the company and continued ranching until the founding of Texas Mulch Company, Inc.
Sonny Collins – Director
A veteran rancher, Mr. Collins’s experience in West Texas horticulture, wildlife management, soils and range ecology, orchard and vegetable crop production, and conservation serve him well on the range. With a Masters Degree in Agricultural Science from Tarleton State University, he has implemented grazing programs on native rangeland, improved pasture, and cultivated land, as well as negotiated grazing and hunting leases and procured timber contracts. Mr. Collins has shown great success as a college instructor, livestock market reporter, and ranch employee with several ranches in the Big Country area. Beyond employment in the agricultural sector, Mr. Collins has owned and operated an oilfield trucking and dozing operation with services including land reclamation from hazardous materials spills, waste management disposal, brush, mesquite clearing, and building and enlargement of stock ponds. Today, Mr. Collins remains heavily involved in the lands of West Texas, continuing to work the range while conducting farm and sales. 
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